Number One Blues Band

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    Dedicated to Sara the Dog (1994 - 2011). An eclectic mix of free-range blues, downtempo loops and coffee shop grooves.

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Coffee and waves and The Number One Blues Band.

West Coast alternative blues music, downtempo, folk, electronic, roots Americana.

Features Wes Davis (guitar, slide, ukulele, harmonica, loops, vocals), Paul Ruiz (trumpet), Adriana Morningstar (vocals), Justin Mills (bass), Dylan Avery (bass), Jefferson Jay (banjo). Tracks 12, 10, 8 and 3 recorded by JT @ Can O Pork Studio - San Diego. All other tracks recorded by Wes Davis.

Half of this album is new and the other half is remixes and re-mastering. Produced by WD during a waveless May in San Diego, 2011.


released May 7, 2011

San Diego, California USA (May 2011)



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Track Name: Motion
all the girls wake up and the sights that i'm lining up are waverin
she is the smokestack on the shore
a cruel neon star, bouncing across the bar
if you know about momemtum then you wouldnt want to start

watch you sleep
and the moon light shining in your open eye
until the sun appears
and it's all blood and brains

whiskey and coffee now we're falling into frame
I tried using her words but it don't come out the same
in the winter it was a slow contract
to set us where we're going
I can't follow my own advice but she say she never noticed

if you 're gonna change,
set your shit in motion
you can find your sovereign range
while I just stay beside the ocean
Track Name: Captain Cook
I was playing bottle neck off Newport Street and she was walking by in from back east. Bean dip on my lip and all my tips in a jar, the summer time heat could melt a western star. By the time I hit the bridge the sun went green flash and she was diggin at my groove like a phonograph. I knew that I had to hit it, skip the needle baby, just spin it. Italian people on a catamaran like Hawaii-Five-O or Little Japan. They put a lei on my neck when I step off the plane, after a country-mile high club meeting. It was like Cinderella from Dana Dane. Like playing Operation but the buzzer never rang. So I posted those pics on facebook and tagged the keyword as Captain Cook, because the booty was there for the taking – Hawaii, Brasil, Cape May and Bacon – cause I got no money, but I got free time.
Track Name: Honolulu
It's burning my soul, my soul is dyin
gotta get the fuck outta here, but I just aint tryin
bleedin my heart my guts on the sidestreets
pretendin that the mountains are concrete

Every other step seems more like you
I hope that you're loving Honolulu
Baby, I can blink and still see you

Burnin a candle in the middle of the country
when you first left there was lava in your heartbeat
I'm free now as free as the pain that you sold me
I shamed myself while you wear your tears like a trophy
Track Name: Morning Drift
In the mornin drift don't be so cold
in the evenin Days Inn, torn.
You leave me all alone
like a fish in the sea,
all alone
bay bee
Track Name: Tent City Blues
you spin me round till i'm facing away from you
walking away and your smiling too
now I'm in the trees with the tent city blues

front door open swingin in the wind
walked two nights they say the storm was passing
can't seem to sleep with the raindrops tapping

walk five nights, baby you burned me good
rain six days, searching the ground for wood
i'm in the trees with the tent city blues

now you're all alone who do you accuse
rain 6 days, which way would you choose
i'm in the trees with the tent city blues
Track Name: Cowboy Coffee
i'm drinkng coffee so I dont sleep
picking the grounds right outta my teeth
I pay my rent in Mendo county
when my tears fall right in the creek
now I got a large mouth bass on the front of my hat
the whiskey to keep me from thinking deep
I fill my cup in redwood country
now my tears fall right in the creek

tin cup whiskey and coffee
i'm waking up and doubling down
this is my first drink since my luck ran out
and I'm better off somehow
cowboy coffee whiskey
and it's the best that I can do
had good luck since my luck ran out
100 living proof (black coffee and booze)

people like us we like to take the time
boiling water on a fire on the river side
the sand settles out, the smoke just rises
big green trees and a couple other vices
ten years later I have the same old thoughts
I dreamed the same dream and I got what I got
and lost what I lost, no you don't have to be the breadwinner
to be the boss